The 37th World Zionist Congress is part of an historical continuum since Theodor Herzl first convened the Jews in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 and established the Zionist Organization. This October, Zionists from more than 30 countries will gather to discuss and debate the critical issues facing the Jewish people. Times have certainly changed since Herzl, but the challenges remain abundant, even with all that has been accomplished.

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The Issues Facing Israel Today

There are many critical issues facing Israel and its people every day. Which ones do you care about the most? Which issues need to be addressed now for a better future for Israel?

To learn more about these different issues, click here to go to the main page, or on the links to the right, and vote today to learn which slates represent the issue you feel are most vital to the State of Israel.


The 2015 Slates

The slates running in the 2015 WZC elections represent the voices of Jews from across the spectrum on issues facing the global Jewish community, especially regarding the future of Israel. You can visit the websites of the various slates by clicking on the names to the right to learn more about each of their important work.

You may also click here to download the PDFs and view the election platform and the list of candidates for each slate.

I vote because I support a vibrant form of Zionism.
I vote because I love Israel, and am invested in her future!
I vote because I believe in a modern, inclusive and progressive State of Israel.
I vote because I want to be a part of strengthening Israel, Zionism and the global Jewish community.
I vote because I want to make a substantive contribution to the protection and prosperity of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.
I vote because I believe that the voices of Zionists who are truly committed to a future for an Israel that is secure and sustainable need to be heard. I want people who share my values representing me and promoting priorities that sync with those values.
I vote because I want to maintain a strong connection between Israel and my family and myself. We are one large Jewish community and family working together to create a bright future for Israel and for all of us.
I vote because I care about the issue of pluralism in Israel.
I vote because progressive Jewish values guide my daily life in America, and I believe that my brothers and sisters in Israel deserve the freedom I have to make their own choices.
I vote because it is our duty to ensure the continuation of Jewish unity in Israel and around the world.
I vote because Israel is my passion and an integral part of my life.


FAQs and Eligibility

We have the answers to common questions surrounding the elections, registration and voting processes. Please click here to read our FAQs.

To be eligible to vote in the US Zionist Elections, you must declare that you subscribe to the Jerusalem Program. Please click here to read and learn more. In addition, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or above
  • be a permanent resident of the United States
  • be Jewish
  • will not/have not voted on the March 2015 Knesset election
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